War on Waste

The tip face at the Wyndham's landfill

Generally waste is any material or substance that is of no further use and has been discarded. When waste volumes are particularly high and not properly managed, waste will cause pollution and adverse impacts on the environment. Disposing of waste that could be reused or recycled is often a waste of resources, a lost opportunity and a waste of money.

What is the waste hierarchy?
The waste management hierarchy is a nationally and internationally accepted guide for prioritising waste management practices with the objective of achieving optimal environmental outcomes. It sets out the preferred order of waste management practices, from most to least preferred.

EPA – Environment Protection Authority
Sustainability Victoria
Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group

What is hazardous waste?
Hazardous wastes are poisonous by-products of manufacturing, farming, city septic systems, construction, automotive garages, laboratories, hospitals, and other industries. The waste may be liquid, solid, or sludge and contain chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, dangerous pathogens, or other toxins.


WREC Hazardous Waste Publications
WREC has written many reports on hazardous waste, site selection, the health risks associated with long term containment facilities etc.

Zero Waste
There is a growing movement of concerned citizens that strive to live a zero waste lifestyle. There are also people who engage in reducing their waste and being waste wise.


Plastic Free
There is a growing movement of people involved in banning single use plastics, especially plastic bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups.

There are many options for people to become involved in community campaigns.